Published in Sep 2017

Video: Straight Black Men are the White Men of Black People ?

Once again, let's make something PAINFULLY clear... Black feminists don't speak for black women as a collective. Black women have always shown nothing but support, love, and understanding for the struggle of black men.

PERIOD. Dr. Curry and Yvette are addressing an extremely SMALL and vocal minority of black women who exist in academia and universities who propagate lies about black men - who we would classify as black/intersectional feminists. Dr. Curry DOES not DISRESPECT black women. Dr. Curry does not DISRESPECT the struggle of black women.

Dr. Curry does NOT paint black women as an enemy of black men. Dr. Curry is once again addressing an extremely SMALL minority of black women/men who seek to demonize black men. DO NOT take Dr. Curry scholarship/work out of context and USE it to cause more dissension amongst our race. Once again, we love black women.

And MOST black women love black men. Don't fall prey to the rhetoric that creates animosity amongst us.

By Yvette Carnell