Published in Oct 2017

There is no greater uniting force than work

There is no greater uniting force than work.

Say me and the guy down the road have a shared project. We now have work to do, we have an excuse to interact. Say you and I do business, and we share all of these Pan-African values, we now have a good reason to get together and test out these Pan-African concepts. On and on. I have noticed in my own life how the number of people I interact with now, is much much less than 7 years ago. And what is different now compared to 7 years ago?

WORK. We had a reason to call each other on the phone and meet up. When that work started to vanish you try to keep in contact but your lives drift apart.

This is why we said the best glue of Pan-Africanism is BUSINESS. If we need each other to trade and make money then it is a perfect reason to always know each other.

By African Holocaust